Archived all folder


where can i find Archived folder?
I’m not able to list all archived emails.
Eg. I have this Favourites group and there are All mails, Trashed, Sent, etc… but no Archived.
Or do I need to use some filtering or how exactly can I list all archived emails from all accounts?


It depends on what type of archiving you used, and the server to some extent.

  1. Automatic Archiving (set in Menu > Settings > Mail > Automatic Archiving) moves older messages on a schedule from the server folders (Inbox, Sent etc.) to a local Archive set of folders below your other folders.

  2. Server-side archiving. You do this manually by selecting an email and if it is available, clicking on the Archive button. Normally this moves the message from its current location to an Archive folder among your other server folders. The exception is Gmail and Google Workspace hosted accounts. In that instance you will find it only in the Gmail All Mail folder. This type of archiving may not be available for all server types.

Is there a plan to solve this somehow?
Create some options to select what is archive for every account and then allow it to display together in Favorites, like other folders?

Create some options to select what is archive for every account and then allow it to display together in Favorites,

You could right click on your Archive folders under each account or under local folders and then add them to Favourites at the top.

Sure, but I have 8 accounts and that means 8 separate folders, or actually as you wrote for gmail ones it’s not even working, so I’m pretty sure this needs some more attention, or am I the only one using Archives and missing this feature?

It is working. That is the way Gmail archives messages.

well yes, but you can also do some array diff from All and Inbox and filter just archived that way… or there are many other ways how to solve this, eg. generate some special tag, but as I understand, there is no intention to do that, am I right? That’s a pitty, that would be cool feature…

You would need to ask Google to change the way they implement server-side archiving. It is not something particular to eM Client, but will be the same no matter what email application you use. It is the same in the web interface as well.

Yes, I understand your point… but I’m also saying there are ways how to solve this if you really want. Well, thank you for your time anyway

Well, if you don’t want to use server-side archiving, you can use automatic archiving. That archives the messages to a separate folder below all your account folders.

where is the archive folder? I see ever type of folder buy archive. if I hit the archive button where does my message go and how do I retrieve it?

See above: