Really like emClient but do have a performance issue which I suspect is do to my ‘All Mail’ box which has about 600,000 emails over 12 years on the Gmail server.

Is there a setting or another solution that will have emClient show only the last, say 60 days of emails in ‘All Mail’ - or perhaps another solution? The problem I have at the moment is if I do go into ‘All Mail’ it takes about 15 seconds to load.

Thanks in advance

Hi Bert, I believe we have discussed this issue on the live chat support, unfortunately it is not possible to synchronize just some of the items from the folder and if you have a large volume of emails located in this folder, the application will need some time to load the list of emails from it’s database.
Unfortunately the All Mail folder is another IMAP folder just as any other folder and it’s content has to be synchronized while using the IMAP protocol.

Only option how to avoid the large sync would be hiding the All Mail folder from IMAP connections completely which would result in you being able to access the folder or archive email only while using the gmail webmail application.

Thank you for understanding,