Archive with Gmail

I need to reduce the size of my emails stored on the gmail server but don’t want to delete any emails. If I use the archive function of emclient it seems that will just create an archive folder in the gmail server and won’t save any space. Maybe I don’t understand how this works. Thank you.

eMC knowledgebase has this explanation.

It would appear that you would want to use the “Local Folder” option whereby the archived messages are stored on your local computer.

Thank you.

So… I would enable Settings/Mail/Automatic Archiving, set Archive messages older than x days. That’s all? Somehow Gmail/google server will automatically delete the older emails and not store the archive folder?

Hard to believe it’s that simple??

Under the description section (settings/mail/automatic archiving), storing locally is the only option for Automatic Archiving.

I have never used Archiving so all I can do is point you to the eMC Knowledgebase

When you get to the Knowledgebase, enter the word archive for relative articles (one I included in an earlier response and an now an additional one).

Hopefully a few of the more knowledgeable “archive” folks that frequent the forums, will comment.

That is correct. The purpose of Automatic Archiving to to move messages from the server to local storage, primarily to reduce server storage.

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There are two types of archiving possible in eM Client with Gmail accounts.

  1. Automatic Archiving. This method will move messages older than a specified age, from the server to your computer. This will reduce the space you use on the server as the messages will no longer be there. They will only exist in eM Client on your computer.

  2. Archiving. This is not automatic and takes place when you select a message and click the Archive button. This method does not remove the message from the server. It just moves it to another folder on the server, so the server space you use is not reduced.

Hope that clarifies.

Maybe I’m thick but if I have a file folder in emclient named Archive created and filled via auto archiving how does gmail know not to store that folder as well?? I’ve got folders with all kinds of names that I’ve created with emclient and they are all stored on the gmail server. Please clarify. Thank you.

Mike, the folders you create for gmail are synced to the gmail server (and therefore exist there) because you create them within the gmail account. The auto archive feature, on the other hand, places the emails in Local folders. Local folders exist on your computer but are not associated with a particular email account. The auto archive functionality organizes archived emails according to the account, but the folder and the emails are no longer linked to the account on the server for synchronization purposes.

For instance, I have many (old) emails in Local folders from various email accounts of yore that are no longer operational. They are there for viewing, searching, etc., but are no longer connected to a server account.

Ah! Thank you David.