Archive to Server

I’ve just realised that the “Archive” option removes emails from the server and stores them locally. This for me is a nightmare and I’m glad I caught it when I did (although sadly not before I pulled the trigger on buying licenses)

Is there a way to automatically archive emails to the SERVER so they remain backed up, hosted and searchable across my various environments (the beauty of IMAP, etc). I have unlimited server-side storage, and I need all my emails to be kept and indexed securely on the server

I don’t see any way of specifying the Archive folder when setting up Archiving :frowning:

Please advise

There are two ways of archiving in eM Client.

One is by clicking on the message, and then clicking on the Archive button. This archives messages to an archive folder on your server. If your server doesn’t support archiving, the option will not be available.

The other type is Automatic Archiving. This is a feature where eM Client will move messages from the server to local storage in order reduce server space. This is set through Menu > Settings > Mail > Archiving, and can be set to automatically move messages over a certain age to your PC.

Hi Gary

Thanks for the response …

What I want is automatic archiving to the server, not to my local PC … for compliance (amongst other things) all emails must be kept on the server … and besides which, I might need to search for something which was emailed to me 3+ years ago while I’m in the field with my laptop … if the email is on my desktop PC at home then the search won’t bring up anything.

I have unlimited (well 250TB) of available storage on my mail server … all emails are stored on the server in a relational database so they’re easy to search when server side … but I wanted some basic automation that would file anything that’s over a week old in my INBOX to the (user specified/server defined) Archive folder (yes, my server software does support Archiving, but if one of the 30+ email accounts I have (different clients, etc) doesn’t support Archving then I want to be able to say “use this folder on the server” and have eM do the work for me (saves me defining rules on every mailbox account)


Unfortunately eM Client does not offer that.