Archive structure lost when migrating from emClient 6 to emClient 7

I have just update from emClient 6 to emClient7, but there is a problem with my Archive.  In emClient6 the archive had the same structure as my inbox, but when the migration from 6 to 7 endend i found that structure lost, now i have the emails from the old archive  (i hope i didn’l loose any mail) in some folders with the name like this:
“41414D6B41446B795A446C694D57526A4C54426A5A6D49744E474D775A5331694D4755354C5759334D4463334F5455314D47466D4D674175414141414141413578505443716633765361304D644D396E3553527A41514379314C4A6877706652513453527469556846547234414141414141454A4141413D” .
 Is it possibile to restore my old folder structure in the archive section?