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Hi there, I saw this feature was requested 5 years ago but it doesn’t look like it’s possible still.

I want to be able to archive when I send (that is to move from Inbox to All Mail on my gmail account). Is there anyway to do that? Hitting send then archiving the email just seems really redundant after having this feature for years within gmail and on several other email clients.

Maybe I missed the setting somewhere, but if not is there any plans to integrate the option?

Well, all your messages (Inbox and Sent) are already in All Mail so there is no need to move them.

That is true, but when you select “move to archive” it detags the email from being in the inbox label leaving it only in All Mail.

I work on the Inbox Zero principle so I want to clear out my inbox as efficiently as possible.

So I’m guessing I’m asking is is there a way for me to have it so when I hit send it automatically removes the email from the inbox label?

It’s a pretty standard feature in most email clients these days, I’ve just come back to Em Client after a few years and was really shocked to see it’s still doesn’t seem to be supported. Might be a make or break feature for me, which is a shame as I do love this app.

So sent messages are in the Sent folder, not the Inbox. It is easy enough to automatically move sent messages after sending, but do you rather mean you want to move the original message on reply? That can’t be done in eM Client.

What email client were you using where you did that?

Yes that’s exactly what I am after - I guess I’m starting to see that this might be more complex to program that I had initially considered. I might have to go back to Mailbird for now.

On my mac the mac client does this, as does Spark. It’s also fairly common on a lot of phone apps for gmail. On windows the client I was previously using was Mailbird which does it as well. 

Maybe it is a very Mac way of doing things. Mailbird was modeled on Sparrow (Mac email client) after all, wasn’t it? :wink:

Yes, very possible now I think about it. I used sparrow for a while too when I was on Mac. I’ll maybe see if I can write a macro to hit ctrl+shift+a to move to archive after I hit ctrl+enter to send. If not I may have to hunt for another option as MailBird was giving me all kinds of headaches with how it was rendering text.

Thanks for taking the time to chat about this with me.

Hi Gary
What I would like is: by sending or replying a mail, to be able to select an already “Archive” folder or if it doesn’t already exist, be able to create a new one and finally click “Send”. At this stage, the mail out to the destination and a copy goes in the selected archive folder
Hope this is clear

PS: Outlook as this feature

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If the server creates the sent message, as with Gmail accounts, there is nothing you can do in eM Client to move it automatically. You will need to wait for the message to appear in the Sent folder, then move it manually.

If the server doesn’t create the sent message, but eM Client does so itself, then you can create a Rule to automatically move all sent messages to an archive folder.

postbox has this feature also (

so I count

  • Outlook
  • mailbird
  • spark
  • postbox (which I used prior to emClient)

And I’m also really missing this feature. It just helps sooooo much on clearing the inbox.

PS: I mean, after sending an email I can use the shortcut for “archive this mail”. But as the focus after sending an email is outside of emClient (because the focused window was the now closed new-message-window), I have to click again somewhere into the emClient main window and hit the archive shortcut. This might sound not like a lot of “work” – but as I’m responding to a lot emails daily, this is somehow cumbersome.