Archive on another drive

I hav a fast but relatively small SSD for my C: drive, and a large, reasonably fast D: drive. Is there a way to map the Archive folder in the eMClient directory to another folder on the D: drive?

I don’t see any way to do that, looking thru the settings.
You might consider relocating your eMC database to the D drive and the archive folder shall follow.

There are others that may have a different idea when they visit the forum.

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If you’re comfortable with symbolic links, you could make one from:




That would cause archives to be stored on D: while the rest is on C: Keep in mind that you’d have to test it out because not all apps handle symbolic links correctly. I’ve been told on this forum that eM Client does handle them correctly, but I’ve not tried it out myself. I too have the same SSD situation as yours, but I just opted to put everything on D: