Archive message manually or move message manually with shortcut???

In Thunderbird it was possible to archive a message with the shortcut “a”. Then the message moved to a defined IMAP folder. Is this also possible with eMClient?
Thank you!

The short answer is no.

The longer answer is that if you are using a GMail IMAP account, you can right-click on a message and choose Move to Archive. That will move the message to an archive in the IMAP folders. If you are using eM Client’s Automatic Archiving, you can use Ctrl+Shift+A to move the message manually to an offline archive stored on your computer.

Thanks for your answer. My intention is to archive the selected emails manually in a folder ie “2018” which is in the IMAP folder as well and not offline. I hope that this is a feature which will come soon. Thanks for your help!

I find this to be the biggest drawback of eM and it’s incredibly annoying. How hard is it to add a shortcut button to the toolbar or keyboard combo to move to a pre-selected archive folder?

What about adding the  Move to Archive button to the toolbar. Right-click on the bar and choose Customize, then add the button. You can’t configure the destination other than the default Archive folder, but maybe that will work for you.

This works for Gmail. But what if I want to use the same function for some other IMAP account. This button disappears when using in such an account. And it is not clear why and how exactly my IMAP server (Dovecot) should support the “Archive” feature that emClient can recognize.

As far as I know, that feature is only available for GMail. 

This is really disappointing!
I wanted to move from Outlook to EmClient, but if I cannot quickly move the current eMail to my designated IMAP archive folder it is making things a lot slower for me. I have been using this function in Thunderbird (via ‘a’) and in Outlook (via Quickstep) a lot and cannot understand why such a basic feature is not added. I guess I will cancel my license I just bought.

adding to this, it would be good to have a shortcut designatable to moveon a key press

It is currently Ctrl+Shift+A, but you can change it. Go to Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Shortcuts.

Howdy, I think that works for Google

I have tried it on my generic (multiple) IMAP accounts and it does not seem to work

Yes, unfortunately this feature is server dependent.

Im surprised you think its impossible to effect a shortcut key to kick the current email you have highlighted to a pre-set IMAP folder. 

Once you have familiarized yourself with the application, there will not be so many surprises.

But this one exists, so don’t be surprised with that.

It is not possible to make a shortcut key to move selected messages to a specific folder that would work for any account. If I’m wrong please write us how to do that? That would solve the problem.

Archive exists yet it works only for a few email providers like Google. And when you use an IMAP (e.g. with a Dovecot based server) then Archive is simply disabled and the Ctrl+Shift+A won’t work.

Why it is so hard to implement either Archive for any IMAP account or make a shortcut key to move selected messages to a pre-configured specific folder that would work for multiple different accounts? This feature is implemented in all modern email clients (Windows 10 Mail, Outlook, Apple Mail mobile and desktop, Thunderbird, Evolution,Mailspring, Geary, and a bunch of others).


>>It is not possible to make a shortcut key to move selected messages to a specific folder that would work for any account. If I’m wrong please write us how to do that? That would solve the problem. <<

Let me try it!
I’ve added a button to “move to folder” but after that a selection window to choose which folder to - as this is more clicks than dragging and dropping its a step backwards.

Now trying to make a shortcut.
OK so control-shift-V is “move to folder” 
unfortunately it pops up the folder selection box so the same problem as above, not faster. What I need is to say CTR-SHIFT-D and have it either move to a set named sub folder (IMAP) like “dealt with”.

I have multiple IMAP accounts, and do have a “dealt with” folder for each one, so that would work for me.

It could be more configurable/flexible so you could have multiple short cuts to move the emails to defined folders (would also work accros IMAP accounts for group sharing).

I dont see a way to make a new shortcut.

So I’d petition to alter ctrl-shift-v have different, modifiable behaviors.

Look, eM Client already has the ability to sort incoming mail to folders (example we sort PayPal emails into a specific folder). I’d have thought that is harder than having a shortcut to move to a defined folder.

Gives me an idea. I will see if you can have a rule to move emails that have been replied to (and without a flag) to a specific folder and perhaps that could be bound to a key to the process runs on a shortcut key.

Possibly to general as I do leave emails that need further work as a business process.

It will not be possible to do what you are proposing UPS Guys. Unfortunately Rules can only apply automatically to new messages as they arrive in your Inbox, or on a message you send as it leaves your Outbox. 

Another issue is that you can’t use the replied criteria, so it will not be possible to have a Rule move a message you have replied to. Sorry. ;-(

You can do this in Thunderbird, both with the replied status and with message filters now able to run at scheduled intervals.