Archive mail dissapears using gmail account

When I click the archive button on the toolbar, the mail is removed from the inbox, where does it go? There is no archive folder anywhere that I can see?
However it seams to be in all mail. Should there not be a proper folder for archived mail like eg: Microsoft outlook. How can I view old archived mail?

That is the way how GMail archive works. It is the same behavior as in GMail web interface.

Thx for the response, But I have no idea unfortunately of how gmail archive works, basically I’ve never used archiving at all, so could you tell me, where this goes, is it somewhere in gmail then, or rather in a folder there somewhere?

Ok I’ve since found out that the “all mail” folder is the archive folder and you can make folders under this to store archived mail in as well. Thankyou again for the information.
Note: it is confusing though as all mail if you delete this it deletes all your mail including what’s in folders, inbox everything, which is what happened to a friend, I certainly did not do that in a hurry, but I do think that gmail like outlook do, should make a dedicated mail folder labelled archived so we know the difference, and “all mail” should also include this one, this would then make sense to the average user.

Malcolm, this is just the way gmail works. It doesn’t really put the mail in folders. What looks like folders in eM and other clients are really just labels on the mail message in gmail. So, the archiving process is just removing the Inbox label from a message. It is still in the gmail system and remains in the all-mail “folder” although all that really means is it exists but doesn’t have any other labels on it. Another characteristic is that only a single copy of a given message exists in gmail, and a message may have multiple labels, so it looks like there are multiple copies in different folders, but they are really just the same message. I know, it’s strange, and I’m just getting the hang of it myself, so anyone feel free to correct this description.

I can second that aspect of GMAIL. I am migrating from a (actually mail service) to Understanding that there is “one message” in a database (which is how GMAIL works), is a total CHANGE IN LOGIC. I was using to having folders and then having to place the message and copies of the message in various folders – a total change in logic. I was searching to understand labels within GMAIL, this might help…