Archive/Delete/Flag from Message List

–The ability to archive/delete/flag individual messages from their message list (e.g. as in Gmail/Windows Mail), so you don’t have to keep moving your hand up and down from the overhead menu, or use various, multi-key shortcuts.

right-clicking the messages brings up a menu that allows you to delete or flag the item, but not archive.  I agree this would be a nice addition.

If you are like me and use conversations in message detail only, you can click the delete button to delete the message. It really is not that far from the message list.

And clicking on the flag will flag/unflag the message, so that is easy enough.

Now the archive one. I think there are many who would like the concept and implementation of archiving changed in eM Client, so maybe some archive link could be incorporated if that were to ever change.

Yes, Jay, right click brings up the menu, but that’s a two-or three step process, that also involves scanning through a list to choose what you want to do. I found the Windows Mail option of simply clicking the icon, so much quicker and easier, whether for deleting or archiving. Flagging, as Gary pointed out, is already there on the message line, so that wouldn’t be needed.

Gary, you mean the delete button on the top menu? Even a “Move to Archive” button can be added to that (right click>Customize):

Or you could just hit the delete button on your keyboard. Having worked with Windows Mail, though, it just seems easier to have it right there on the same line as the message line.

I am leaning heavily towards the one line option, though I am not sure how that could be implemented in the current conversation view. 

Yes, the delete button on the top menu. Just be careful with both keyboard or toolbar delete. I notice you have conversations turned on and you could end up deleting the whole conversation. ;-(

Yes. Good point about conversations.