Archive button with any ESP

Please let us choose an archive folder when using ESPs that don’t have a default one. The button would be the same (a shortcut would also be welcome), just the destination would be different and to be set by user.

Hello Jon, online archiving is only present in the Inbox folder if your mail server supports the feature. When synchronising with your mail server, your mail server needs to support the option to archive messages into an Archive folder - this is for example available on all Gmail accounts. If the option is available, the archive button will automatically appear, check with your mail service support in order to check support for the /archive feature on IMAP.

Without this option you can only use the local archiving option that removes messages from the account folder and saves them locally, often used on size-limited mailboxes.


Thanks for your reply. Let me rephrase my idea. Maybe it makes more say that I’m looking for a quick way to “archive” old messages, where archiving simply means, get them out of the way yet available should I ever need them again.

I don’t really care what “archiving” means to my ESP, whether the folder is compressed or not included in searches… what technically happens doesn’t really matter to me.

For example, in Thunderbird, I determine which of my folders is my archive, then I use the “a” shortcut to move emails into it after dealing with them. In my case, I actually change the archive folder once a year to have a very rough structure.

You wouldn’t even have to call it archive, I’m flexible as long as there’s a shortcut :slight_smile:

Jon, as I suggested the feature is present in the application - for example on Gmail accounts where the All Mail folders is essentially used as Archive and messages can be quickly moved there by using the Archive button or by using an Archive shortcut. If this is not support by your mail service, we’re unable to resolve the issue - the feature request should be submitted to your mail service provider as they are missing the archive option.


I am using eM Client to access my company email, which is not using Gmail. Due to many attachments, I am reaching my storage limit on the server and need to archive old emails locally. There doesn’t seem to be any obvious (to me) way to do this, at least not in a way that I would be able to reach back to search these archived emails if necessary. Help leads me to this forum, which seems to only cover specific questions rather than general description of the application.

Hello Chaztronix,
forum is a community and meant for FREE license users support, so there are both basic questions being answered and specific problems being solved.

To save your messages locally, you can either manually move these to your Local folders or set up Automatic Archiving. Both of these will look like normal folder structures of a separate account, but are stored locally in your database.

You can enable local folders in Tools>Settings>General by checking the ‘Show Local folders’ option.
To set up Archiving, go to Tools>Settings>Mail>Automatic Archiving. Enable it and choose the time frame for archived emails and how often to perform it.
Then you choose on which accounts to apply this archiving.

I also suggest setting up an automatic backup of your database if you plan to store your files locally, because if your database files ever get corrupted you’d lose these local data. (Set up backup in Tools>Settings>General>Backup) .


I want that, too. I’m a heavy Thunderbird user and I do not know how to use an email app without an archive button ^^ Copy & Paste every mail? Some people seem to have to much time. :wink: