Archive button not working for one email account

I have a google and an office 365 account. The archive button on the top works for Gmail, but not for office 365. The function worked fine until I applied the update: 8.0.3385(88a873c).

Is there a way to set up the archive button to work on office 365? I can drop and drag the email to archive, but the top button is much easier.

Any help would be appreciated.


What licence do you have (Free or Pro)

I suspect this problem would be better directed at Support if you have a Pro licence:
Support & bugs -

Or raise a “Feature” request if a Free licence I suspect.
Or do both!

Free activated license

I assume you’ve tried right-clicking the top menu-bar and “customise…”?

I can, but the button is there. The archive will archive for the google account, but will not work for the office 365. However, you gave me a good idea. I could create another button as a workaround.