Archive button is not visible in subfolders

Archiving is working perfectly with main folder of the inbox. There is a button that works fine.

In subfolder, it does not work at all. I do not see the button and also shortcut is not working. Please let me know what I should change to fix it.

@jankowski.m If you have a eg: Gmail account, just drag the emails from (any sub folder) into “All Mail” folder which is where all archived emails go anyway. You can do that with any email in the inbox too.

Is it possible to make shortcut for that action?

@jankowski.m Yes if you have Windows “Ctrl+Shift+A” will move an email to the All Mail (Archive) folder (only from the Inbox).

However you can press “Ctrl+Shift+V” from any sub folder to automatically open the Move to Folder window to then click on the “All Mail” (Archive) folder. Its not ideal but is sort of a shortcut.

I don’t know if you can customize the Settings / Shortcuts.

Thank you for your answers. I am aware of that. I hoped that there will be something more automatic.