Archive button is an essential feature

So, I just bought and configured two copies of eM client - and unless I find a solution, I’ll have to avail myself of your 30 day guarantee and ask for a refund. The problem is the one many, many people have pointed out to you: lack of archive button.

You can’t figure out archiving for anything other than GMail? OK - then just allow users to make a button which moves the message to a folder they designate. This is a fairly simple thing: I want to have a button which I click, and which then transfers the email into a pre-designated folder appropriate for that account. 

Right now, the only way to do this is to click on “move to folder” button, and then every time pick the archive folder manually. Which is ridiculous, and makes the program simply frustrating. Can this be solved in any reasonable way? 

At least the Move to Folder feature should be enhanced and memorize the last 10 taget folders in a sub-menu, just like Thunderbird does. Nevertheless, I’ve requested this simple enhancement for months now to no avail - just got ignored as they do with other feature requests.

It is really a PITA to always select the target folder if you have got a bunch of them. In my case not only those folders stored on each provider’s server, but about 100 additional local folders. It would already help a lot if the target folder selection window would allow us a kind of search-as-you-type feature. But this is also lightyears away as are all those other features that would increase usability.


Pretty much. I bought the program, actually, based on first look and good reviews. It never occurred to me that this would be missing - literally every phone app has a button, and the first time you press it, the app asks “which folder do you want to archive in.” For any email. 

Anyway - uninstalled, and message asking for refund sent. I wasted too much time on this. I figured out how to get Thunderbird to go around the new Exchange server (my impetus for going with eM client in the first place).

+1 million: please implement archive button feature. 

looks like I’ll do the same. archive is super essential in so many other apps (mobile and desktop) that it boggles my mind how developers skipped over that.

doesn’t look like they’re going to implement it. Some posts requesting this feature are from 2 years ago…

The archive feature is supported by Gmail accounts only, other email providers do not support this. That’s why we hide this button for emails in other accounts than Google. The latest version of eM Client offers a keyboard shortcut for Google accounts to archive selected message. The default shortcut is CTRL+SHIFT+A but you can customize it to your need. Our development team currently collects ideas and suggestions for new version of eM Client. The suggestion of customizable MOVE TO button or shortcut will be added to the pool and will be considered while developing new version. Thank you for your contribution.

I need this feature too!
If you want to use “zero inbox”, you need a way, to push mails fast into an archive folder.
On Thunderbird I can press “a”. On iPad and iPhone I swipe the mail to the right.
On eM Client there is no such feature. (only for gmail)

eM Client is a fantastic program! I really want to use it.
But archiving emails is a killer feature – I need it for EVERY mail. It is more important than “reading” mails, because many mails (newsletters…) I do not read, but archive. :wink:



All IMAP providers support archiving - by use of a folder called ‘Archive’!  This is in standard specs, please can you enable this for more than simply Gmail?  Even OWA supports an Archive button now…


Almost bought Em Client, but lack of this future is a complete dealbreaker for me. The program is great, but without universal archive button it’s useless. Is it really this hard to implement a button that moves mail to Archive folder?

It does actually have this button, you just have to configure the top panel (with the right click). Work fine for me with corporate gmail account.

Yes… because you have gmail… if you don’t there’s no button!

Exactly, archiving works ONLY with gmail accounts. Went with Postbox in the end.

Something like the programmable “Quick Steps” feature in Outlook would be great for this. I hated when they added the “Archive” button because it’s completely redundant when you can make a Quick Step button that does the same thing.  So yeah, having robust programmable buttons that can be added to the toolbar would be an awesome idea.

Also adding my vote for a general/generic Archive button:

Wouldn’t it be simple enough to add a setting under Accounts where the user can designate any account-based folder to be the “archive folder.” That is the exact solution I’ve seen several other email clients use for this issue. Seems like a relatively low impact fix for a high impact problem – being that it’s a deal breaker for lots of people otherwise wanting to monetize…myself included. Please take my money!

Side bar: I noticed posts about this issue dating back over 7 years. Is there a reason the Em development (or Product Management) team has been fighting against this basic feature suggestion for so long? FWIW, it seems like this is something y’all should sincerely consider instead of allowing it be swept under the rug again and again… and in doing so, probably sacrificing a lot of revenue and good reviews as a result. It’s something so basic and simple that literally every other email client I’ve ever used has it – and that’s a LOT of them. This is the first one I’ve tried where the functionality is missing for some accounts.

The OP’s request has been implemented in version 8, and archiving now works with all IMAP accounts.