Archive Button disappears from Toolbar

The Archive button disappears from toolbar when using Smart Folders (or actually any folder except for each individual email’s Inbox folder). How to get that folder back so I can archive without switching from “All Inboxes” to to the inbox each individual email?

This Archive button is shown only for Gmail inboxes. We will try to change it so it is shown for every message from Gmail account.

This is a must have feature for me. Any idea when this will be done?

Unfortunately, I cannot provide you any exact time frame when it will be done.

Any news on this feature? Thanks

Hi, no news. It is not planned at this moment. You can still use automatic archivation in tools - settings - mail - automatic archivation (it can be enforced), or button will be shown only for folders which supports it.


Please program an archive button on the toolbar right next to the delete one, this is a must have. Only thing that this email app is missing. Would pay for the upgraded version if it had it. Can’t use auto archiving not very practical, better to clear emails right now if needed to achieve a zero inbox, checkout the nice archive button on postbox email program…

Hi, thank you for the suggestion we’ll consider adding the button in future releases.


As a Pro user, I want to throw my voice in to the request for the Archive button in Smart Folders.  Your client is one of the only Windows desktop clients that both fully supports Microsoft Exchange and provides users with a unified inbox via the Smart Folders feature.  Thunderbird comes close, but their Exchange support is terrible.  Should they ever develop a robust Exchange plugin, I can see your client being threatened–why would someone pay for your Pro license if they can get these features from Thunderbird (free)?  I think by providing a feature that almost no other client has, you’d stay ahead of that curve.

Consider a Smart Archive feature that allows you to click “Archive” on any message in a Smart Folder.  Your client checks to see what email account this message belongs to.  Depending on the account, it places the message in the appropriate Archive folder.  Perhaps the first time a user tries to Archive a message for which there is no obvious archival folder, they’re given the choice to choose/create a folder in that account.

PLEASE consider this feature.  The “zero inbox” is truly an important thing for my demographic.  Should your client support this smart archive feature, I would heavily recommend it to all of my colleagues in the organization I work for, which provisions Exchange accounts for 200,000+ users.

Hi Bryan, thank you for the suggestion, note that eM Client only supports the online archiving feature on Gmail where the All Mail folder is taken as an archive folder, but this is not supported on other mail services, which is the reason why this doesn’t work in the smart folders.
Other accounts can only be archived locally, which is more or less generally considered as an outdated option.

Thank you for understanding, we’ll make sure to consider any available improvements for the archiving feature in future releases,

I need the archive button to move a message in any service used to a folder in IMAP named “Archive” for that account. This is the one thing that has me hesitating to spend the money for your software. I don’t want to archive by year like Thunderbird defaults to, I just want all my email that’s not in my inbox to be in “Archive”. 

Hi Paul,
this is unfortunately not possible, as to make the Archive button appear, your server would have to support the archiving feature, you can see this for example on Gmail accounts, where in Inbox you have the “Archive” button included in the toolbar to move the message into the All Mail (archive) folder.

Unfortunately archiving to a manually created folder is not supported.

Thank you,

when do you think this will happen.

the current version keeps the Archive button present.
In which version do you experience trouble with this? Can you copy full version number from Menu>Help>About?


Maybe I have a solution for everybody.
There aktually is an “archive” button stupidly hiddenin the “Mark” meue:

Alternatively you can create archive folders under your account and use the button “Move to Folder”. In that manner I have created 5 Archive folders for different subjects, although not with my Gamil account but with my ISP.

Hello Peter,
thank you for the helpful comment, but this issue should be fixed in the current version. I have asked the user above (in the repy to the very first post) for his version number and will look into the issue.

version 7.027943.0- below is screenshot, it is not coming, i have added in customize screen.

could you provide the header information showing this is a message received in your Gmail inbox?
Also, a screenshot of the customize window, please.

Hello - My understanding is that we should now have an Archive button if using a GMail account and viewing email from the “Inbox” - Right? I’m currently using eM Client version 7.0.27943.0 with a Google Apps account and the Archive button is not showing. Any ideas on this?

4 years later and no universal archive feature? doesn’t look like emclient will ever implement it.