Archive Button Customize

Is there anyway to customize the Archive Button to mark an item as read and then Archive?

Using Version 8.1.1087 (d63975c) on Windows

Thanks in advance for the support :slight_smile:

Yes, there are a few instances where it would be convenient to have messages automatically marked as read when moved. When deleting, moving to Junk, and of course archiving.

Unfortunately it is not something that is available. I would like to see it in future versions, so I changed this thread to a feature request.

My workaround is to have my messages marked as read when displayed for 1 second, so by the time I have clicked on the message and moved to the Archive button, it is marked as read. Maybe it is useful.

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Thank you Gary for your informative response - much appreciated. Also thanks for the time you spend helping in the forums. Enjoy the weekend!