Arabic Email

I get emails in Arabic but the eM client cant display the language?

See the image >>

How I can Solve this problem ?


Can you send me this email saved as .eml to [email protected]?
Or if there are any private data you can send me another email that causes you this issue also.

you can save email by right click on it - save as…

please send me in that email this topic’s URL also:…


Hello john …

Check Your Email :slight_smile:


Yes, I have received your email, for now I can tell you that there is some issue but I had to send it to developers so they will take a look at it later, I will keep you informed over email.


I want to add that when I compose an email in Arabic, I can’t find the right to left paragraph tool like in Microsoft outlook/word/etc.
See the image
RTL tool

It is in the More option at the end of the toolbar.

If you use it a lot, click on Customize at the end of that list, and you can add it to the existing toolbar.

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