Appointments create with an Iphone has the wrong time zone

When I create an Appointment with my Iphone (IOs 9.1) the Timezone of this Appoint is displayed in em Client (Ver:6.0.23421.0) is set to Africa/Ceuta, the timezone on the IPhone was correctly Berlin . When I Look in my webinterface the timezone is set to CET (this is right) and with Outlook 2016 (Caldav sync by cFos) is also set to the right time zone (Berlin). The time is the right time (every time for exsample 20:00).

please go to Tools > Settings > Advanced and turn on CalDAV logging for the account that this issue has been happening on.
Restart eM Client and then try to replicate this issue.
After you do, go back to advanced settings and click ‘Send logs’, but change the recipient to [email protected] and add a link to this forum thread in the message body.

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Hi Olivia
the Log is send.