Appointment reminder / Calendar reminder

Hello, I am currently using version 8.1.1083 under macOS (11.2.3) and can only choose whether I want notifications for everything (calendar entries and e-mails) via macOS Notifications or none at all.

Since I have set up several e-mail accounts and many e-mails come in, but none of them are particularly relevant to me, it is very confusing and my appointment reminders are lost.

Is there no separate and additional window like in Outlook where all the appointments appear when they are due (and can be moved if necessary)?

Unfortunately you cannot have the notifications separately.

There are some options though:

  • You can disable notifications for either messages or calendars in your settings.

  • You can disable notifications for specific email accounts using Rules.

  • You can disable notifications for specific calendars.

If any of those would be useful, I can do a howto for you.

Hello Gary, thank you very much.

About a howto on

“You can disable notifications for either messages in your settings”.

I would be very grateful.


If you go to Menu > Settings > General > Notifications, you can disable notifications for incoming messages by clicking on the relevant icon so that it has a red X on it.

The example above will disable the popup window for eM Client’s message notifications.

Thank you - great!!

Now I have only one problem that prevents me from replacing Outlook with em Client:

How can I close an appointment reminder? When I close the push notification, it is still open on the Exchange server. I have no way to close the appointment.