Appointment invitation as organiser nobody@invalid.invalid

Hello and thank you for help.

I would like to switch from Thunderbird to Emclient.

However, I have the problem that “nobody@invalid.invalid” is always entered as the organiser for calendar invitations.

I have already reinstalled - the problem persists.

Sending e-mails works perfectly.

I use CalDav on the Synology.

I have also integrated a Google account into the emclient. It works with that. But this is only privat. For my business I use the CalDav Server.

eM Client usually displays nobody when the email address is not a proper email address.

Can you view the invitation in another email client and see what the address is?

Hi Gary, thank you for answer.

I receive with each client as an organiser “nobody@invalid.invalid”.

As an example here in Thunderbird. If I then click on confirm, Thunderbird wants to send to “nobody@invalid.invalid”.

So you were having this issue with Thunderbird before you started using eM Client?

Hello Gary,

I hope I understand you correctly.

No, I don’t have this problem with Thunderbird/Lightning. There, my correct e-mail address is displayed under “Organizer” when I create an appointment in the TB calendar and invite someone.

With Thunderbird, I can also assign an e-mail address from one of the e-mail accounts in each calendar.

I assume that the problem is that the calendar account (CalDav on a disk station) in EMClient has no e-mail function. And in the calendar account I can’t link an email address or email account. In the calendar, of course, I can’t either.

I am surprised that I am the only one who has this problem. At least I haven’t found any other hints in the recent past.

What a pity. The EMClient has many other advantages.

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I think you are correct.

If you use a local folder calendar in eM Client, eM Client will send the invitation. If you use a CalDAV calendar, the server sends the invitation. Maybe Thunderbird works differently in this regard.

Hello Gary,
Thank you very much for your advice.

Just to clarify again: The invitation is sent by the EM client and arrives properly to each EM recipient. The default address is used and this is then also the sender. This is fine with me.

However, the EM Client enters “nobody@invalid.invalid” in the “Organiser” field. This field is then used by the recipient client as the “reply address”. This does not work. If you want to make it easy, it would be possible to enter at least the sender address in the “Organizer” field.

If the event is in a local folder calendar, then eM Client will send the invite.

If the event is in a CalDAV calendar, then the server sends the invite, not eM Client.