apply rules even if mails are already read on Android

The current way, rules only can apply if mail is RECEIVED, or SENT.
I’d like the rules to apply merely when the mail IS in the folder, whether read or not.
Is that possible ?

Right click on a folder and choose Apply rule, it should work OK.

Yes, but I have several rules.
I thought I could apply “all rules” but it made a total mess.
ie my rules are “after message has been received if mail is processed with account A then set categorie A”.
I have 5 accounts. When I have run manually “all rules” to the global folder, instead of distinguish accounts, it applied every categories to every mail, thus 5 categories per mail.
If not possible to automatically run rules to “not yet ruled items”, can you please make possible to apply “all rules” taking rules-conditions into account ?

I have commented on this in the past, and add my vote that this is a nuisance that should be improved. For me, rules should be applied to newly downloaded messages even if they are already marked as having been read. In my case, the rules just move messages to specific folders based on text in the subject. If I have previously read the message on my phone, I would still like them to be filed away when downloaded to eM. As George suggested, I can apply all the rules to my Inbox, but that is slow and inconvenient.


George, any chance of fixing this in the future?