Apply Rule (copy/move/forward etc) AUTOMATICALLY over Advanced Search Folder

Advanced Search Folder: “result folder” (searching All Inboxes based on Search Query)
Rule: After message has been received, copy/move/forward etc to folder/email…

So, when a new message arrives in our Inboxes and meet the search queries of course will appear in that folder (“result folder”). Every email which appear in this folder automatically will follow the rule applied to this folder (copy/move/forward). The other emails which NOT meet the search queries will not be affected by the Rule.
I think this will be more easier to manage our Inboxes, due to advanced search folder, and avoid a lot of confusion/issues of actual Apply rule setup.

Hope this will be implemented!

You can already setup a Rule to “After message has been received, copy/move/forward etc to folder/email”.

Later, you can use Search folders to display your messages in different ways.