Apply Column Configuration to Other Folders

re Customizing user interface in eM Client - Email Read Column View.

Manually changing the default eMail Read view columns (by clicking the top of the message list and opening the ‘Columns configuration’ and creating the preferred setup and then using the Apply Column Configuration to Other Folders option"

However, this option requires you to individually select all folders, one by one. If you have alot of folders this is extremely (prohibitively) tedious. Would it be possible to provide “apply to all” option please?

Many thanks

There is a secret option. :wink:

When the window opens with the selection for Apply Column Configuration to Other Folders, click on one folder, then use Ctrl + Space to select them all.

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Hi Gary,

That’s great… worked a treat… on 4k+ folders :-).

Many thanks for the prompt response and solution, much appreciated.


Nice. Thunderbird had an apply view/config to all etc and was wondering about that here.