Apple Mail not syncing

When I move or delete messages on my I-Phone Mail app it will not move or Delete them on my desktop Em-Client program. But If I do it the opposite way (Delete or move them on my desktop it syncs back to my I-Phone! Hoping there is a cure for this

That could then the iphone mail app possibly “not synching / updating those app changes” to the server mailbox, which then inturn is then not reflecting in eM Client.

When you make changes on your iPhone mail app, if you then go online to your mailbox do you see those changes ?

If you don’t see those changes in your mailbox online, then check the sync mail settings in your mail app on your iPhone.

However if you do see the changes in your mailbox online, then could be just that eM Client isn’t set to synchronize items quick enough. By default its around 10mins to sync. You can check via “Menu / Settings / General”.

(Example eM Client V9.1 Synchronize setting).