appending to spam folder is forbidden

Recently switched to Em Client for my Imap account. I’m satisfied except every time I receive a spam mail I also get an error message stating :appending to spam folder is forbidden.

I would enclose the log file but I see no option to do so.

If no solution is forthcoming I’ll switch back to Thunderbird.


I’d like to report this problem too.  On review it looks as if your program is trying to use the IMAP APPEND command to add the emails to my service providers Spam folder.  However my service provider uses a method of spam reporting for IMAP clients that involves moving unrecognised spam to the spam folder from the inbox.  In the same way false positives can be flagged by moving them from the Spam folder back to the Inbox.

However the Spam reporting addon forbids the use of Append “For technical reasons”

I’d be grateful if you guys could look into resolving this matter, as your program needs to be able to deal with situations like this.


I’m afraid support is non-existent. Very disappointing.