Appailing email client

Your email client is the most appalling I’ve ever found.

I should have tried it better before purchasing a licence.

  • I have more than 2.2 million emails, yes  two-million-two-hundred-thousand  emails

  • Your system is inserting each single of them all into a single file, are you insane?

  • Folders are not treated as single files but as whole, is this an intelligent approach?

  • Crashing eM client are happening regularly and now your appalling system is trying to recover from another crash

  • The archived email inbox has already reached 1.6Gb . . . and I’ve archived only 22.000 of those emails

Refund my money NOW


Dear Mario - You ask the question “is this an intelligent approach?” . I think perhaps that we could turn that question onto you - is it really an intelligent approach to keep 2.2M e-mails??? I think most of us would find the answer to that question fairly easy!

Dear Richard,

Firstly: Who are you to judge me in why I keep 2.2 million emails?

Secondly: Is more than a legit approach considering that I have paid the licence for a product that doesn’t work and it doesn’t deliver!

You find tons of advertisement in the tech magazines as “best email client” but this Email Client doesn’t work with Yahoo Email and it has issues with Hotmail.

Additionally it connects in the background with . . . Is that a backdoor?

My additional question is: “Are all the reviews fake and invented”? It must be because I’ve tried this licensed program and it doesn’t work!!! 

Hi Mario! Over the last 20+ years I have suffered through using nearly every other Windows email program out there. I have about 200,000 messages across several gmail accounts, EM Client 7 is the first email client I have used that can manage this number of messages and still work in a responsive way. If you are able to locate a Windows email client that can handle 2.2 million emails I would be fascinated to know where you found it.

Note: My gmail accounts are connected using IMAP with ‘Download messages for offline use’ enabled, and ‘Include attachments and images’ disabled.