App shuts down. unable to contact license server

Em Client shuts down and I get the following message:
eM Client is unable to contact update and license server for 14 days.
I am running eM Client at home (Windows 7) through a regular Netgear FW router and do not have any restrictions to outbound connections that I know of.

eM Client requires at least once per 14 days to connect to the update server so we can validate a license. Are you sure your connection is OK? If the problem persists we will need to trace your eM Client-to-license server connection to find a cause of the error.

Thanks for the reply.
I turned off my firewall and still get the same error. How do we proceed from here.
If you are opening a socket connection to a server for verification, give me the address and port and I will attempt to connect to your server manually.

we will create more detailed communication logs. To do that, proceed as follows:

  1. Exit eM Client.
  2. Extract the file from… to C:\Program Files\eM Client\ (or C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client).
  3. Ensure directory c:\temp exists.
  4. Launch eM Client, let the error occur. Exit eM Client.
  5. Directory c:\temp should contain file System.Net.trace.log, please send this file to .
  6. Remove file MailClient.exe.config from C:\Program Files\eM Client\ (or C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client).

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Did you get my email with the log file?

yes, our analysts are inspecting it.

I’m still having the same problem. Any news?

thanks for the log file. The file shows that although a connect attempt is at an url located on the socket then tries to connect to - this points to some proxy software being set up in the system.

However, the problem is that this connection is refused with the following error:
Connect - No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

Do you employ any proxy software? What antivirus do you use and does it have any kind of network shield feature?


Thanks for the response. It appears that a proxy server was running on my system and must have caused the issue. I turned it off and eM Client seems to be working properly now.

Hi good morning, I’m having the same issue and I would like some help, last response was the proxy server, but how do I know how to correct this issue?


I had a virus proxy server redirect on my system. First check your web browser proxy settings. If not there, run a virus scan. My proxy was setup in the registry.

Hope this helps

please give me Witch port I can open for emclient license server behind firewall
I dont want open all port

eM Client uses standard ports 80 and 443.

Okay, I am getting this message on Win 8.1 and v6.19714,0 of eM Client. I am having intermittent problems with my browsing which I am trying to solve, but don’t know if eM’s problem is related to that or some firewall issue.

How do I make eM try to contact the server and tell if it succeeds or not?


Hi, were you able to activate eM Client on your device? Do you sit behind a proxy?


I haven’t seen the message again, but otherwise don’t know how to tell if it activated correctly. I don’t sit behind a proxy.

I suppose that you are using eM Client on computer connected to the internet so maybe do you use any kind of antivirus/firewall software?

go to Help - License and make screenshot of it and post it here please.


Okay, here is my license page. It doesn’t look particularly unhappy and I still have not seen the error message since the last time I posted. How can I tell if I still have a problem?

I use Norton Internet Security which does have a firewall. I just checked the settings for eM Client and changed it from “auto” to “Allow”.

I am also getting a notice that there is an update to eM Client. Should I apply that first?

This looks activated and if you are able to contact update server then it is communicating with license server.

could you send me your email which you have used to register free license to


Email Is on the way. Thanks.