Anyone Sync'ing to Yahoo Calendar? Help

Has anyone gotten eM Client to sync with Yahoo Calendar, which is suppose to support calDAV? It is intermittent, and I have yet to figure out how to force a sync. I try sync everything and no Calendar.

If you have a working config, please share your settings. All I get is IO exceptions on disconnect from server.

send us your CalDAV logs - then I will be able to advice you further.

I’m having a similar problem (my Yahoo account is my sky email). I don’t know what I am doing wrong. If I add something to my calendar in yahoo webmail, or any of my apple devices it will appear in eM, but I can’t get it working the other way


this is common problem with Yahoo, unfortuantely we can’t do anything about it as this is Yahoo’s side problem, their servers are terribly configured and they support does not reply to our demands…


I am also looking for how to sync my em calendar with my Yahoo calendar. My google calendar syncs to my yahoo calendar, if I sync my google calendar to my em calendar might this show my Yahoo Calendars that are synced with google?

You can add your Yahoo! calendar by going to Menu > Accounts and clicking on the Add Account button. Then choose Calendar > Yahoo! Calendar

Thank you so very much.