Anyone know how to import all my email and attachments from Eudora?


I just did this with 15 years (9.5gb) of Eudora email/attachments (360,000+ emails).

I went from Eudora PC 7.1 to Thunderbird via these instructions:…

Then, I imported Thunderbird into eM Client via the eM Client built-in import functionality.

I took about 3 - 4 hours to import all of that.

I must admit, I still love Eudora (search is lightning fast, filters, folder options are second-to-none), but since it hasn’t been supported since 2006, every day that went by brought me (and 9 other employees) closer and closer to email disaster.

eM Client isn’t perfect (still getting used to it, but it seems like it is the closest thing out there to what Eudora offered, which is somewhat sad that no one else has bested a six year old email program)


As for good old Eudora, I could not agree with you more!
I have used it since 1996. I have even used it as a document application, and notes, etc. etc. But like you, I now need to look for something more up to date, there are so many emails nowadays containing all sorts of fancy things …
Regardless of which new email client I go for in the future, I will still keep Eudora as “my mistress”.

unfortunately you cannot import your data from Eudora directly, but you can try to import them to Thunderbird (…) and then import them to eM Client. If you need any further assistance, do not hesitate to contact me.