Anyone having trouble with eMClient shutting down? Happening several times a day.

eMclient crashes several times a day.  Most of the time it seems to shut down when I try deleting multiple emails,

First, are you running the most current version (7.2.34208.0)?  You can get that here:

Is this a new issue, or has eM Client always done this?  It may be some corruption to the database-- try doing a repair by right-clicking on the inbox (All Mail if you are using Gmail) and select properties/repair and click on repair.

It is a new issue as of a couple weeks ago.  I just did the repair as you mentioned.  I could not find the option for repair, so I thank you.  Fingers crossed t works.  Thanks so much for your time and response.

So, downloading the newer version definitely helped with the crashing, but now I have no text or attachments that appear in previous saved emails.  Big problem since I am  in business and those emails are super important to refer back to. Yikes!  Help!!  Any thoughts on this Jay??

I think what will help is to go to menu/tools/accounts and in the IMAP tab, check "Download messages for offline use.  By default, eM Client only downloads the headers and downloads the body only (and each rime) when you select the message.  This will have eM Client download the messages immediately and they will be available at all times.

Thank you for your input, but that box was already checked.

I am having the same problem. It started a few weeks ago. It is always crashing. 

Hello Terry,

I assume that as a business user you own a PRO licence. In this case please contact my colleagues on our support portal at: with creating a support ticket.


I seem to be having the same issue and, when I check for updates, I have the latest version …