Anyone having issues with EMClient rendering messages really slowly after update to 7.2.36465.0?

Anyone having issues with EMClient rendering messages really slowly after update to 7.2.36465.0?

Using Gmail. and it’s taking forever to open a message.  Seems about 20 seconds for each.  No issues before update this morning.

One solution is to uninstall that version of eM Client making sure  NOT  to delete the database when prompted.

You can then download and install the previous version of eM Client from the Release History.

Thanks Gary.   I can live with it as is, for now.  I’m hoping I’m not the only one, and it will make the radar of the devs

Same here, the new chromium rendering engine is extremely slow. Even starting a new message keeps me waiting for 10-15 seconds sometimes.

Downgrading is not a good solution because it will re-introduce hundreds of fixed bugs!

The great thing about EMclient was always the speed…
Together with the smart folder problem that seems not being solved, I think this will be the end for me!

The immediate solution IS to downgrade because there seems to be more bugs in the latest release.

Generally if you are not having any issues with a version, or need to use a new introduced feature, there is no reason to upgrade. If something works, why change it?

As with most application or OS upgrades, it is usually best to wait a while and see if others are having problems before you upgrade. Windows 10 is a prime example, and it seems eM Client is not so far behind. ;-(

Is this an official EMclient answer?
I see you are very active on this forum, and suggesting downgrading a lot.

If something works, why change it?

I still have some windows 3.1 floppy disks, they might still work…

Don’t be ridiculous. I am not suggesting downgrading to eM Client 1.0.2211. It is a simple matter of downgrading to the previous service update. It is the most sensible thing to do, that if an upgrade doesn’t work, go back to the previous version. I guess common sense is not so common after all. What an idiot you are to suggest going back to Windows 3.1!!!

Besides, eM Client will not run on Windows 3.1 and won’t activate on Windows versions below or including XP.

No, I am not an employee of eM Client. This is a community forum where comments and suggestions are provided by other users, not eM Client Inc. This was explained in the license agreement you accepted when installing the application.

Well said! Service upgrades are not major releases so going back to 35595 is not a big thing when it was working OK for most of us.

Ruud, the only official response so far from eM Client Inc. Is at

Make with it what you want.

Yeah, but still, who want’s to go without the “- Hundreds of bug fixes and small improvements”? Going back to “hundreds of bugs” seems scary to me (why didn’t I see all these bugs, must be loosing my eyesight).
On a more sober note; yes I also agree that it takes longer for the messages to render, but it is a matter of seconds, and only for the first time loading the message. I don’t load down messages for offline use, so every time I click on a header, the message has to be retrieved from the server.
Some other mail clients (I tested two) are a few seconds quicker now. If that is your main criterion for choosing a mail client, so be it.

after installing 7.2.36465.0 my gmail stopped working.  the imap settings were changed.  I’ve back installed to 7.2.3595.0 and I’m still having problems. time to switch to thunderbird

Well, this is annoying with no official response from EMClient.   I just installed Thunderbird, and I can get through my mail just about 3x faster.   I’ll keep EMClient installed, and come back when you guys get this sorted…

I gave a link above to the official response from eM Client. But the simple solution is to uninstall that version, then you can download and install the previous version of eM Client from the Release History.

I appreciate you trying to help , Gary. 

 I do think that you should allow the employees of EmClient to step in and take ownership of their issues.  If I worked for them, I’d sit back in the weeds too and throw Gary at the angry wolves…   :)

This forum is a medium for users to offer comments, and employees very seldom get involved. If you want direct communication with eM Client Inc. you will need to do it by means of a Pro License and VIP Support.

However my impression of eM Client employees through recent communication is that they are not concerned about the increase in issues experience with the latest service release. Or maybe they have not been monitoring this forum. One employee told me that since the service release was pushed they didn’t really have any reports of major issues. 

You don’t have to read very far in this forum to see that is not the case.