Any way to set a hot key to open the calendar while mail window is already open?

I always have the Mail window open. Sometimes I want to open the Calendar window while the Mail window is open. Is there any way to set a shortcut to do this?

Alternatively, is there any way to tell eM Client to open both Mail and Calendar whenever I start the app?

No need to have a shortcut for your calendar. Inside the email window, in the left panel (screenshot below), right click the calendar icon and select “Open in new window”. You will have your two windows (email and calendar).

Personally, I open as many windows as needed depending on my workload (screenshot below) right from the Windows taskbar. If you pin eMClient to that bar, just by right clicking it you can open - simultaneously - as many windows as you’ll like (the main window for emails obviously, the calendar, tasks, contacts, notes, and attachments). You can also open simultaneous windows for a new mail, a new event, a new task, a new contact, or for a new note.

Hope it helps.

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Thank you for your reply! It’s helpful, though it doesn’t get me where I want to get. I did not realize right-clicking on the eMClient icon in the taskbar gave me those options; that’s helpful.

What I want is a hotkey to open the calendar vs having to do mouse clicks to open it, once the Mail window is already open. I want this for a couple of reasons: I often only have the Mail window open, and want to open the calendar. Keyboard shortcuts are easier and faster for me than reaching for the mouse. Also, I use a Stream Deck and Loupedeck, and if there were a hotkey set I could assign it to a button on one of those devices and open the Calendar from there.

Any thoughts on whether such a hotkey can be set up?

Thanks again for the help!

The keyboard shortcut is Ctrl + 2

And CTRL+1 to switch back to email. Nice.

Thanks Gary! What I’d like is a shortcut that will open the Calendar in a new window, leaving the mail window where it is. Is there any way to do that?

Just the open in new window option that @Son-of-A-Gun already gave you.