any way to install an old version once the newest has been installed?

Is there anyway to now try to install an earlier version to see if that helps? I ask because it wouldn’t let me. eM is one of those EXTREMELY OBNOXIOUS programs that leaves stuff on my computer even after an uninstall. Not like files or e-mails that I want. that would be fine. But something that seemingly has the sole purpose of NOT allowing someone to go back to an older version. I got some error message about a database error when trying to install the previous version. It came right out and said the error was due to a newer version already been installed.

That is just obnoxious. Software should not leave even ONE BYTE on a users hard drive when uninstalled, unless the user says it is OK.

The reason why I want to try an old version is that the new version seems to have bloat or something slowing it down. I have a brand new (less than a week old) Windows install on a brand new SSD drive (also less than a week old) and not only does eM take several seconds to load, but it can’t keep up with my typing when it comes to putting the right contact in the To: field. (I have another post on that.) Basically, I type the name of the contact and hit Tab to go to the Subject line. But unless I pause at about a second, it doesn’t then go through my contacts list to determine who I want. Even though I have just 15 or so contacts. Whereas on other clients, it is already putting up suggestions while I am still typing.

Between the slowness and the obnoxiousness of deciding what is best for my computer, I may have to find another client, but this is the best interface for what I need now that for some reason, my old old old Windows Live Mail doesn’t want to spell check properly

This is normal behavior with almost any software. You need to close and uninstall eM Client first, then download the previous version from the websiteand install it.

Usually your data will be just fine, but depending on how far back you go, the database might not be accessible by an earlier version because of different formats… 

Always make a backup (Menu > File > Backup) just in case.

Did that. I know all about how to uninstall programs first. But for this, uninstall is apparently leaving a database or something behind when I uninstall it. Even though it is closed when I do that.  So when I install the older version, it is saying that a newer version changed the database or something like that and won’t allow it. So unless it isn’t actually closing when I close it, even though I said it should (and there is no eM process in my task manager) there is some other issue.

There is obviously something going on with the newest version because along with my contacts issue, it is now taking like 10 seconds to open after I click it. Again, on a completely new Windows install on a completely new SSD drive.

Yes, there is a difference between uninstalling the application, and removing the user data; two separate issues. The upcoming 7.2 release will prompt you to delete the database when you uninstall, but until that is released you need to remove the database manually.

So after closing or uninstalling eM Client, delete the C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\ directory. If you saved the database in another location, then you need to delete that folder instead. Deleting the database will remove all eM Client user data and settings from the computer. If that is not what you want to do, then just rename the folder, so you can always go back to it later.

There are some database structure differences between the versions. Version 7 databases are not backward compatible with version 6, and even some of the version 7 databases are also different from each other.

All I can say is I am very well versed in computers and have many times uninstalled programs, including e-mails ones, and then installed earlier versions. And NONE did what eM did. I never had to manually delete anything. Sure…sometimes the version that I uninstalled left stuff behind…but they have never interfered with the old version being installed. Maybe some programs WOULD…but unlike eM, they ALWAYS give the option on uninstall to remove those files so my install of the older version would work cleanly. Even the most obnoxious of Google programs allow it.

This is a common thing. Deleting or uninstalling the application does not remove the data or settings, and that is by design. Thunderbird, WLM and MS Outlook do that as well. That is partly why applications like Revo exist, to remove these things after uninstalling.

In the upcoming 7.2 release this has been changed by offering the option to remove the user data and settings on uninstall, as I already mentioned.

Again…there is a difference between leaving things behind, and leaving things behind in a way that refuses to allow you to install older versions. I have probably been using computers since before you were sperm. And eM is the FIRST program I have come across that has obnoxiously done this. That is NOT why people use Revo.

Well, I was born in the 1950s, and the type of computers available before then were not what we are used to today.  Maybe that is the problem Tom. :slight_smile:

From Revo’s own web site: Revo Uninstaller is an uninstaller for Microsoft Windows. It uninstalls programs and additionally removes any files and Windows registry entries left behind by the program’s uninstaller or by the Windows uninstall function.