Any possibility to „modify“ the true syncronization mode?

Started to work with eM Client, importing my Windows mails which worked just fast and fine, but was then extremely surprised when I saw eM client started to sync those thousands mails to my account with my email service provider.

Wanted to remain in this old fashioned mode to store my emails only locally, clearing them on the servers of my email provider after I have downloaded them. Same with new emails sent by me: storage only in eM Client but not at the servers of my provider.

So far I have not found any setting where I could change something to do it this way. Only true synchronization seems possible. Any way to change this?


If you want to have emails local only then you will need to re-add your account as POP3 not as IMAP, because your behvaiour is how IMAP protocol works and can’t be changed.

You will need to create account using manual setup as automatic setup will always create account as IMAP if possible.


OK, thanks for explanation, will do this then.


did it work?


Yeah, did work perfectly. Thx again.

you are welcome :slight_smile: