Any plans to add push sync of emails from using EWS

One thing I miss vs. Outlook with eMClient on an mailbox is the lack of support for push sync of email when they arrive, rather than having a schedule running all of the time. Other clients and apps on my phone support “As they arrive”, but eMClient doesn’t it seems. Any plans to add this?

That is already there. eM Client uses IDLE (PUSH) IMAP, which relies on the server pushing notifications of changes to the Inbox to the client.

Ah - interesting that it’s supported for IMAP. However, if you use EWS (i.e. outlook) sync so that you get calendar and contacts as well, it’s not supported it seems. I’ve modified the title to make it more specific

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Yes, it is also supported for EWS if the server provides it.

Note that the implementation in eM Client is for the Inbox only, and all other message folders, contacts and events will sync on the schedule selected in your settings.

I am sorry Gary but I have to correct your previous statement. eM Client uses 1-minute PULL interval for EWS synchronization.

Absolutely fine.

I have an account setup with EWS, and I have always assumed that is was instant the same as with IMAP. But it is good to know that it is not even if it seems to be.

@peteS I guess that confirms you observation, but doesn’t answer you question. :neutral_face:

Hi Both
Yes - that’s as I thought - that there was a scheduled sync. So, George - any thoughts on whether there’s any plans to support push with EWS, I guess particularly as you already support it with IMAP.

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Seems like this is still the case today. EWS supports push, why not eM client? Notification subscriptions, mailbox events, and EWS in Exchange | Microsoft Learn

I’ve recently come accross eM client and immediately noticed this difference. Now I receive an e-mail, my phone receives a notification, I go to eM client and it’s not there, when Outlook would of had the mail at the same time as the phone.

Microsoft restrict this to MS apps. When using EWS with on-MS apps, the Inbox will sync in 1 minute intervals only.

Thanks @Gary that is a real shame and explains why it wasn’t implemented.

Edit: I just realised. Nine for Android uses EWS and works great with push notifications. Perhaps this limitation needs re-evaluating?

Pretty late post here but wanted to mention that Evolution Mail for Linux also uses EWS and push.