Any other ways (workarounds) to sync eM Client with Android 2.2.1?

Is there any other way to sync eM Client with Android 2.2.1 (HTC Thunderbolt). Sync2Em is not working via the Exchange sync provided by HTC.


it isn’t problem of the Exchange in general. I tested it on HTC Desire with no problems. But we have seen different versions of Android (even Froyo on phones from various phone manufacturers) behave differently during the setup. We are already dealing with similar problem so when we have solution we let you know.

Any ETA about this… frustrating to see you promoting this great compatibility and sync possibility but that at the end it’s not working… :confused: (Galaxy SII with 2.3.3 version)

it should work, we tested it right now. Can you please try it again? There were some issues with our service server yesterday.