Any guidance on working with massive email lists?

eMail Client was a refuge I took to get away from Outlook. I love the hassle free account setup for ANY service/protocol! I loved the easy migration from T-Bird and Outlook.

Being an Internet Marketer, I have a list of accounts that are really handled brilliantly by eMail, but herein lies the problem: I have literally hundreds of thousand emails building up and whenever there is an interruption or some kind of Windows anomaly, eMaill needs to check the database for possible corruption. Mine easily runs for 30 minutes before I can get back into my work.
Question: Is there a best practice manual or recommendation as to how to be smart with such a massive email database?
What can I do to streamline my email handling tasks (I have extensive Rules to sort emails into dedicated folders) and is it possible that eMail Client is being affected by the massive load I have given it? What is the single most important factor degrading its performance?
I look forward to any advice.

what is the size of your database folder?
Database location:
C:\Users%Current User%\AppData\Roaming\eM Client (Vista/Win7)
C:\Documents and Settings%Current User%\Application Data\eM Client (XP)

The key factor influencing eM Client’s performance is the number of messages, but the next major release will contain Archivation and Backuping tool so the application will be faster and more responsive.

Hi George

Hold your breath… 3.51GB!

I’m not sure how to check for number of messages. I do require my historic messages to be accessible e.g. Receipts, Software Keys, passwords etc.

Most of it is just general IM mail.

Can’t wait for the next release 8< ))

eM Client is designed for quite large data files and should work with a 25 gigabyte database just fine. We test with 15-20 gigabyte databases and the product
is able to handle that.

What a Client! Awesome!

I was anticipating quite a different reaction, but this fact once again underlines the robustness of eMClient. Now I am a much relieved IMer.

Frankly this is what really prompted my original question(s). I was dreading having to find alternative solutions and what I heard now gives me great reassurance.

Thanks for your responses George.