Any Compuserve clients here

I’m here because of the 20th October changes and Thunderbird, which I must have used for about ten years, seemed impossible to re-configure. Having used EM Client for a few days now I feel pleased that I have moved.

My current concern is that I am getting the occasional error message. Not a lot and when I do the verfication check it says all is working fine.

Currently I am using and

I was using and

I have not tried to use the yahoo password system as (a) it looked a bit daunting and (b) I don’t think it applies to us Compuserve folk.

Main question. Do I need to worry if I send a message and get the error message? Will EMC try again until it gets the sent message accepted by AOL?


It really depends what the error message is. Can you go to Menu > Operations and look for the error in the Log tab. Hopefully that will give more to work with.

This is the last page and interestingly it is also hitting problems with my other email system which is Maybe it is more a broadband problem.


Your screenshot however does not show any errors. It should have been something like this:


Thanks Gary,

Now I understand what that log is saying.


And I have just seen it flag up a warning about a failed ‘send’.

Which it sorted in a couple of minutes.

It seems it does try until it gets it home to AOL.