Any chance we could get a flash/new mail count notification in the actual taskbar?

Like a yellow blink you get in windows when a program wants you attention, or an “eM Client (3)” for number of new emails in the taskbar title itself when you use full titles in the taskbar.

Hello Mikal,

What exactly do you mean by taskbar title? EM Client currently shows notification of a newly received message by displaying a “postal envelope” on the taskbar icon plus the pop-up window in the right-bottom corner with the Message title. You can also adjust these notifications in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Notifications. 


On windows you can use icons or go back to the older full names in the taskbar, often developers of messaging apps put information in the full name displays by telling you how many new emails or messages you have waiting for you - so “eM Client (10)” or something would mean there are 10 new messages in the inbox.

I understand there are popups but I’ve never really liked the popup notification style. I’m a visual artist and notifications popping up over my work occasionally interrupts my actual drawing, so I’ve had to disable them.

Many applications have an option for a simple yellow highlight on the taskbar to let you know that the window has new information/needs attention (all of my messaging apps use this, for instance)…

Thanks for the reply!

There is also the small new mail envelope that is added to the task bar icon when new mail is unread. I think that does the same as a simple highlight, but with a bit more class.

I do see it and think it aims to accomplish the same task, I just think on a second monitor it can almost be a bit too classy and not attention grabbing enough. That’s just my personal opinion here, I’ve overlooked it a few times since installing it which is why I was making a suggestion.

Thanks for listening!

Everybody is welcome to share their ideas, and sometimes their frustrations. I certainly have.

I personally would like to see eM Client new mail notifications incorporated with other notifications in the Windows Action Centre. I can only dream. :slight_smile: