Antivirus Conflict

I have been dealing with this for months and its becoming a big pain in the ASS…lol

When I open a window either new mail or reply or forward, I get a blank window with nothing in the body. I sometimes have to open and close the program multiple times before I get text in the body, and even then it takes a second to load.

I believe it has to do with my antivirus Trend Micro Maximum Security (TMMS). I’ve had this program for years, and have been using eM Client for years with no issues. I kind of fixed it self when I reloaded the antivirus program, but later again having the same issue. So I removed the program and installed a fresh install. No Luck this time.

If I close the window and re-open it, I have the same issue, but if I select next or previous, I can seamlessly go from one email to the next like no issues. 

If I disable the antivirus it seems to work seamlessly as before with no issues. But I can’t run with my antivirus disabled all the time.

This issue also, seems to be the same with opening a Event in Calendar

3rd party security / firewall / antivirus programs are common for interfering with email clients.

I would suggest to contact Trend Micro support directly via -…

Ps I personally have Win 10 and don’t run any optional antivirus / firewall / security programs all. Never had any issues. Just use the (built-in Windows security) which is a antivirus / malware / spyware & firewall program. It gets updated by Microsoft with normal updates.

I also use Windows Defender, which is a solid security option, and have never had an issue with eM Client. I do use an additional firewall, but eM Client is enabled in that.