Antidote - spell check

Just installed and testing EM Client - so far great integration with Exchange 2010.
Does anyone know if there is Antidote spell check integration for it ?

Or can someone suggest a French spell check program that works with eM Client


Hi, eM Client itself has French spell check already, in New message window look into Tools - Spell check language and select French.


thanks, it does underline some words in red but does not look at full sentences and correct mistakes to the extent that Antidote does.
I will ask Antidote to work on intergretion with your software.

I will ask my colleagues tomorrow if there are any plans about updating spell check dictionary.


Good morning, has there been any update on either end to this thread? I too am interested in integrating Antidote to eM Client.


I will bump that. I’m also interested in an Antidote integration. Thanks.

Antidote is more than just a spell checker, it checks grammar and similar errors. Unfortunately eM Client does not have that option; it only checks spelling and does not support add-ons so there is no integration with external applications.

I think the dictionaries have occasionally been updated, though the release history is a little vague about anything other than major changes.

You can build your own custom dictionaries, either by manually adding words by right-click as you come across them, or by editing the dictionary file where you can paste word lists.

Thanks for the reply. Maybe a simple right-click, send selected text to Antidote would be amazing. Here’s a link to their site. 

Thanks and take care.

It would be extremely appreciated to be able to use the Antidote corrector in eM Client. Even a simple solution in eM Client as lpr suggests: right click in Antidote would be fantastic!