Answering reply questions inline

How do I insert text in the middle of the quoted text? For example,

John Doe wrote:
> 1. What is your name?

It is Jim

> 2. How old are you?

475 years old

> 3. xyz abc
> 4. 123 456
> 5. abc xyz

It seems that when I press enter, say after #4 but before #5 it just continues the quotation and doesn’t insert the text I type as “my” text, it looks like its just part of the quoted text.


Hi Jeremy,
you can use “Outdent”. It’s located in toolstrip right above text area for writing.


Hm, I did not see the toolbar by default as I use plain text emails most of the time (technical mailing lists). When using HTML it is usually with business emails and the common method of replying is on top of the post (for some silly reason :slight_smile: )…

Is there a way I can outdent in plain text email?

I am sorry, this seems to be a little bug. We will repair it with new version of eM Client. Thank you for knowing us about it.

And the little BUG is still in the 3.5.
Hitting the < – button should outdent the line you are in when you use plain text.

Hope this will be fixed quick, because it’s a no go cirerium for a e-mail client.

I am not using eM client today because of this problem. I had hoped it would be fixed but keep checking back w/no luck.

In next version it will work if you just hit enter after some text which is outdented (in plain-text also).

When will the next version be coming out?

It would also be nice to have an easy switch between
HTML- and Plain-Text.

We currently test new internal build and it will be available during next week.

I have upgraded and have 3.5.12280.0

It still does not work. There is no way I can see to outdent and reply inline on a plain text email.

I am sorry, I should have said it will be available in one of the next versions/updates (as it wasn’t merged to your version yet). Wait for the update, it is already available.

I am confused. My version was current 1 month ago when I asked, “When will the new version be available?” You then said “We currently test new internal build and it will be available during next week.”

Yesterday I saw that a new version was available for downloading, so I downloaded and installed. That was version 3.5.12280.0. I tried in the new version and it did not work.

What do you mean “Wait for the updated, it is already available.” ?

We push new versions/updates gradually so it is not available for all users right now.

The problem still seems to exist (a fix was promised one year ago, if I’m not mistaken!)

When will this update be available?

I personally have given up and moved on because of this issue. Moved on to another email client that is.