Answer to a meeting not in the calendar

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I have created a meeting in the calendar with one attendee. The attendee receives the invitation sent by our system’s scheduling system (not by eMClient and this is done intentionally) and he accepts in his MUA. But then in emClient you see the response of the meeting from the attendee (in the organizer’s MUA, in this case, eMClient) and when openning for updating the event in the organizer calendar, eMClient sais it’s a meeting non existing in the calendar. I’m sure it is and the UID of the event matches exactly. Why can eMClient telling me the event is not in the calendar if the REQUEST and REPLY email have an ICS with exactly the same UID?.

I’m totally sure too that the event is there, in the calendar. I know the UID at least matches in request and reply messages. Why could eMClient be saying it’s a non existing event in the calendar and that it will ignore it?.

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Basically in Spanish, when openning the reply email it sais :

“Recibió una respuesta de estado de participación desde un participante para elementos planificados que no fueron encontrados. Será ignorada.”

Basically that… as if the event didn’t exist in the calendar when it absolutely exists…


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I have been doing some more tests…

As I saw invitations sent from the own eMClient and a local calendar work fine.

If I put the event in a Caldav calendar and the own server sends the invitation when receiving the answer, it says the event is not in the calendar BUT, if I copy the event to the local calendar it then works.

Can a caldav calendar be set as default or… should some tweak be done to eMClient in order to consider the caldav calendar as the one for the meeting responses?.

It seems to be something related to eMClient in this case…