Annoying Red triangle

Okay I have been getting this red triangle intermittently, it is not always there, it was gone for awhile and now it is back again. I have Googled the problem and the eM client response was to check with my Virus program, I just did that in depth and that is not the problem and adding eM client to my list has not resolved the issue.
I have reached out to my email client and they have not been able to resolve the issue so it appears to be an eM client issue.
Does anyone have a solution? Thanks

And the error behind the “red triangle” is?

The error states an attempt to connect failed It could be caused by temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings. My settings are correct and I have reached out to the server without any resolution

I get that occasionally and it turns out to be 1 of 3 reason.

(1) My em1) My ail processor having problems
(2) My VPN server having problems
(3) Me having ISP problems

First I stop eM CLient and restart, if that does not help I change VPN servers; usually that resolves the issue. That is my experience, your experience may vary

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I used to get the red triangle error (temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings) alot when i was using my ISP’s own DNS servers.

So I changed to Cloudfare Free DNS Servers and now very rarely ever get the red triangle appear. Maybe 1 out of 100 times. When i do get the red triangle error now, I just close EM Client and reopen it and the error is gone for me.

Exactly that (EMC version 7) although a Refresh often overcomes a tempoary glitch.

What about the fourth reason. V8 was released and offered to users in what appears to be an extremely unstable condition, and forced many to revert back to V7 or be lumbered with an email app that doesn’t work. Would very much like to see the output for system and user test. That is if there is any.

Sounds plausible. I am sure there are many other reasons.

Just tossing out some of the things that work for me.

Yeah, pleased that you are able to use it, but when you keep getting IMAP and SMTP error messages, there isn’t much point in sticking with it.

ONCE AGAIN, all I am trying to do is help with either a solution, an idea, a suggestion … if none of those help you try contacting support and bitch and moan to them. Hopefully they can help… if not then moving on to another product may be the smart move.

Bitch and moan. :joy: Looking at the posts on this forum, I’d say there were a lot of bitchers and moaners, as you put it. gtfu

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You bet there are plenty, but my point was to project that energy to the employees via support tickets, etc. They appear to be avoiding this forum… best of luck!!

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Since last Update im having this exact problem, When the eMClient starts it connects to my mail server and brings all new mails, therefore IT IS NOT a connectivity problem, around 10-15 seconds after that it shows the red triangle and says something about Updates, but i just updated the darn thing a couple days ago!!!, then eMClient enter offline mode, the red triangle shows and REFUSES to load any new mail, until i quit the program (right click on task bar) and start it again.
This is VERY ANOYING, im gonna downgrade to version 7 to see if it solves the problem and if it doesnt i may have to move to another mail software, that would be a shame.