Annoying Error Message when sending / receiving

My email client seems to work fine with both emails but with one annoying issue. When I click ‘Refresh’ I get the pop up error saying ‘Server Says Unauthorized’ but then it brings in and sends messages anyway’. I cant figure why.

lunes 29 noviembre 2021 :: 1836hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @grego

Please let us know your OS and version of eMC

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Windows 10 Home & eMC version 8.2.1659

This might be happening if you have more than one account configured and one works and the other account fails.

Do you have more than one account ?

Whilst I have two accounts, the one works perfectly and the other, (the one with the error message) does send and receive but with the annoying message references the latter account. The error message does state the account with the problem as having an issue. The exact message is *Password Required. Server says Unauthorized. Enter user name and password

When I cancel the error message it downloads and sends as it should

The exact message is *Password Required. Server says Unauthorized. Enter user name and password

As one of your accounts is giving you enter username and password, either you have inncorrect mail acct settings, or an actual username & password problem.

As you say you are still getting mail for the problem account even though you are getting asked for the password, I suspect then you have inncorrect mail account settings.

So first thing dblcheck with your mailbox providor you have the correct settings for that acct.

If you have the correct settings and have an IMAP, Exchange, or iCloud account, “remove and re-add that problem account” in eM Client which should normally fix that issue.

If it’s a POP account, first create a folder called eg: “Old mail” down in “Local folders” at the bottom left of eM Client and then drag all your problem account POP mail folders to Old Mail. Then remove and re-add your POP account.

If removing and re-adding your account still brings up invalid username and password, then update this thread with your problem account settings and let us know who your mailbox providor is so we can check your settings. Obviously blank out any personal acct details.

Note: Lastly before removing any accounts, backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup” if you don’t have automatic daily backup settings in eM Client.