Android Sync / WITHOUT gmail

i just found old post, a couple of years old. i just downloaded the em client and i am quite positive that i will buy the pro version. its really an alternative to outlook, BUT i cant figure out if sync is working now ?
no, i DONT want to use any services between, NO gmail, nothing
just sync my notebook (with the email client) with my mobile to have all contacts, appointments, tasks, etc…
is that now build in ?

emclient is an email client to sync with a mail account. I assume you have an email account on your mobile phone, so if you configure emclient with the same email, you will have the same contacts and more.Btw whatfore do you need the pro account ?

i know that em is an email client. on my notebooks are all email accounts (more as 2 - for that i need the pro version). i do NOT use gmail calendar (google do not get my datas). i use the contacts, calendar all “offline” like outlook (without exchange). the em works great and got all tools which are important to me (and others too) and now i just want (like in outlook) sync my contact to my phone. if i add or change a contact on my notebook i want to have it on my phone (for calling or whatever action i want). I DO NOT WANT TO SYNY MY DATAS TO ANY CLOUD or service. once again - how can i sync the em client (like outlook) with my mobile

i guess its not possible

Both the EmClient and your mobile Phone need an email  server to communicate to.  Whether it is in a cloud or on your PC it still needs an email  server else you will need to export data then merge with your phone . Not an easy task. Building a local email server is an option but again you need to program it again not easy.
Best suggestion is to use a dummy gmail account with second level security (2 levels) and just have it contain your contacts and Phone numbers.  Then connect that account to phone and EmClient. 
Or use one of your existing email accounts. Just use 2 levels of security to prevent hacking. Many cloud email servers now offer that.
2 levels of security have a password and sends a text message with a code to your phone. If you do not enter the code one does not get it.  Code changes every time one logs in. If you have an android phone stick with gmail as the are the same vendor. If Iphone see what they have as I am not familiar with their features. EmClient works very well with gmail 2 level security as well as the android phone (android ver 5 and above).  maybe android ver 4 also  not sure.
Maybe someone else can come up with a clever design. 

Richard: what you are talking about is a imap server or the concept of it. and no, you are wrong. you can sync your notebook with your mobile but not every app (like em) supports this. i am not putting my datas to the cloud (i call it klaut - the german word for stealing). i am computer scientist and i know what is google doing with your data. doesnt matter about your level of auth. such brainiacs like you brings google every year billion of dollars and what do you get ? you need to pay for a google mobile. its very easy - my mobile is often connected to my notebook for charing and i also want to sync it OVER CABLE. that is NOT negociable. but i guess em doesnt support myphoneexplorer for example

Do you really need to insult me by using the phrase " such brainiacs like you "
Learn some manners

Em client doesn’t support myphoneexplorer - but it seems that’s because the poeple at em client don’t want to talk to the people at myphoneexplorer.


 I wonder whether emclient has even looked to see what myphoneexplorer is? It’s a great sync app from Outlook to your phone and is the reason I’m not swapping to em client