Android mobile app trouble/lag refreshing

I am not certain if this is something that others have experienced or if I’m having a strange unique issue here. I have used eM Client for desktop for ages so when I learned of a mobile version, I was excited. (Used to use K-9 mail until the developer went off the deep end and totally changed the entire app and, in the eyes of many folk, destroyed it)

I’m running eM Client on a Pixel 6 Pro and on a Pixel 7, both running Android 14 with all latest updates, as far as I can tell.

TL,DR… I will be on my laptop looking at eM Client and seeing the latest messages, items in the inbox, unread items coming in, sent items in the sent items folder, deleting things to the trash, etc. Mobile app will be hopelessly “outdated” in its inbox view. No amount of “pull down to refresh the inbox” will help. New mail doesn’t show and mail that’s been deleted via desktop eM Client still shows.

The only solution is for me to either…

  1. wait, sometimes an hour or more (for something inside of eM Client for Android to time out?) and hope that it syncs new messages, read/unread markers, deletions, etc

  2. or to force close eM Client for Android, clear the app cache, and restart the app. At which point “pull down to refresh” almost immediately syncs all new messages, deletions, etc.

What do folk suggest? Has anyone else experience this? (I wager that the userbase of the Android app is smaller than the desktop client so data on this may be slim?)

You may need to try clearing your complete “App data” and not just the cache,. Then uninstall the app and reinstall from scratch via the Playstore and start fresh again.

If that makes no difference, It may possibly be to do with the new Droid OS 14, and you might need to wait for the next eM Client app update.and test it again.

It works fine for me personally on Droid OS 13 using the app version 9.3.4908. unfortunately my mobile won’t be getting OS 14 to test it on.

There will be others though on this forum who have Droid OS 14 devices who can test it out and give feedback if they get the same problems.

Note: According to the last blog on the app, the only thing that doesn’t work yet is the “Google account real time push mails” as that is not enabled yet in the app. Hopefully update soon.

Same problem with German Pixel 6 and Android 14. I have to start the sync manually 2 times. then new mails are synchronized

Try the latest Android play store mob version 9.3.6041 released 20th December. Hopefully that might fix those lag / refreshing sync new mail issues you are experiencing in Droid OS14.

After your reply, I immediately checked my APP version and sent mails from another account. I couldn’t find any more errors. Unfortunately, the problem is still there. If the device is not in use and is used again after a few minutes, same game. APP must be closed and restarted. Then it synchronizes.

Update. After a complete reinstallation, I can no longer detect any errors

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