Android emClient with phone in airplane mode

I was recently traveling and had my Android phone in airplane mode (and with no Wifi-Internet access) when I opened emClient. It seriously barfed. I certainly would have expected it to report that it couldn’t access the expected server(s) via iMAP, etc. but its actual error messages were needlessly confusing & useless.

Send that to [email protected] for feedback on the Android Beta app when in Airplane mode. Also let them know your Android OS version and eM Client app version.

Ps On my eM Client app V10.0.1878 and OS 14 when I open eM Client with Airplane mode enabled, nothing happens at all. It just opens to the Inbox or All Inboxes with no error at all.

I just did that. To include the info in this thread as well:

Android 14, Patch level April 1, 2024 (latest as of today)
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
OneUI 6.1

emClient 10.0.1878 (43b2843