Android app won't download messages unless online

When I use the new eM Client Android app, I get the message, “The message will be downloaded the next time you go online.”

But I am connected to Wi-Fi and have a default web browser. Even when that web browser app is open at the time I open an eM Client email makes no difference.

I didn’t have that problem (and still don’t) with my previous Android email app.

Yes I’ve had this same problem with pretty much every recent version of the Droid V10 mobile app including the latest V10.0.2080 with OS 14.

As you said whether you are connected to Mobile data or wifi you still get that error alot of the time.

I initially get and error on the message that says "The message wasn’t downloaded because your not connected as in the 1st example screenshot below.

Then if I press Download Message, I then get a second error message that says “The message will be downloaded the next time you go online” as in the 2nd screenshot example below.

Now my Internet mobile connection is working perfectly at the time of the above errors, and all my other email and browser apps etc have no issues.

I’ve found the only way to fix it seems to keep closing and opening the app and then manually swiping down in the Inbox or All Inboxes a few times. But can take a few goes. Very Frustrating.

Note: This doesn’t seem to be an issue on my iOS devices. Only my Android devices with OS 14.

I’ve sent that feedback to [email protected] . Suggest you also send that feedback as well.

Thanks. I just sent an email to them as you suggested. Nice to know I’m not alone.

@dbagnall Can you update to the latest release in the Google Play Store and see if you have the same issue. It will be 10.0.2081 or later.

I am given no option to install or upgrade on Play Store, so I assume I have the latest version.

Two things: 1. It is working now (have no idea if that will be sustained) and 2. I was only an issue for one of my mailboxes, both of which have the identical long-standing host (Directnic), just different names.