Android app: Read format (HTML/text) toggle

Toggle for Format (HTML/plaintext). I read emails by default in plain text, but for some emails I’d like a simple way to switch, since you can’t print the rendered email without going into settings and setting Read All In Text to OFF. A button in the email UI or maybe tying this to the whitelist?

EDIT: The print limitation affects both the Windows and Android apps, but you can right-click in an open email to toggle the Read Format in the Windows app, I have not been able to find any such feature in the Android App. Also, even in the Windows app, printing will only render the HTML if the main setting for Read In Text is ON. Simply toggling it using the context menu in an email will not result in a rendered print.

If you right-click an opened email, you should find a FORMAT option to change to TEXT.

My apologies. I realize now that nothing in my original post indicated that I was referring to the Android app.

Great… are you aware that since the app is in BETA testing, you need to send your issues to [email protected]?

I was not, thank you.